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High Performance, Health and Wellness

Pres Pat and Dr Lewis McGill 9 Sept 14Dr Lewis McGill is a former Rotarian and past president. His significant experience working with improving performance in sports and business was evident as he spoke on the following behind the question – did Sir Isaac Newton play golf?:

The moment of truth – the moment in a performance or personal encounter when there is no going back. All of your preparation, learning and skills are to be put to the test.

We hear people talk about having butterflies before a performance, whether it’s giving a speech, attending an important meeting, playing to an audience or starting a game. These butterflies are a metre of our level of arousal – how ready we are for the performance. Lewis suggested we all need a level of arousal, nerves, to perform at our best. The secret is to learn to have our butterflies flying in formation – which means we’re in control and can greatly increase the change to perform our best.

Performing in the zone is one of the states which humans can strive toward in all performance. We can achieve this state playing sport or music, writing, constructing machines – anything which takes skill, knowledge and concentration. The challenge is to learn the skills and strategies which enable us to enter this state on demand and when it is most helpful to us.

Lewis asked – when is your moment of truth? How do you prepare for important meetings and performance in your business? Can you consciously control your reactions to what is going around you? How do you train your staff? Do you reward yourself?

In summary, planning and preparation are related to the level of success we can achieve. Skills and strategies of world champions can be adapted by anyone to use in our work and personal lives. Experience greater feelings of control and expect seemingly unrelated outcomes.

The three laws of motion apply to all human performance. Athletes are continually working with and against these and other laws of the universe. The goal is to learn how to take advantage of them and then perform to our highest possible level. Sir Isaac Newton probably did not play golf, but he understood and described the universal laws which govern all human performances.

Membership Recognition

Peter Lockery was recognised by Rotary International with a blue backer to his Rotary pin for introducing a new member.

Raffle Winner

Congratulations to winner of the New World raffle: Phil Harland.

Sergeant Andrew WatsonAndrew Watson,did a great job as first-time sergeant for the day. He congratulated Phil in a friendly way by inviting him to make a contribution. Such invitation extended to members filling the collection boxes as Andrew encouraged our participation through responding to challenging questions.



Parting Thought

Parting thought delivered by Des O'Sullivan: Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live in.

Connecting with our community - Spring into Tawa

Thanks to Tawa Rotarians for your help at Saturday’s Spring into Tawa festival. At our table, we sold pedometers to raise funds for Diabetes NZ. We also shared the table with Steve Wilson of Te Rito Organics, who will be speaking to Tawa Rotary at our next meeting. The excellent new membership brochure prepared by Andrew’s publicity committee was handed out to festival patrons.

Spring Into Tawa (1) 13 Sept 14 Spring into Tawa (2) Spring into Tawa (3)


Saturday 20 Sept Key of Friendship
Thursday 25 Sept  Street appeal for Wellington Children’s Hospital
  Community seminar – emotional and mental wellbeing and responsible use of technology for our youth
Tuesday 30 Sept District Conference early bird registration closes
Saturday 4 Oct Stroke Foundation – blood pressure campaign


Key of Friendship

The first round for Key of Friendship is just around the corner on the 20th of September (Election Night). Ngaire has received responses from 9 members so far – keen to receive more.

Please advise Ngaire (via email or phone 2329000) of your availability for this night and let her know if you would like to host this round or a later round.

The following date for Key of Friendship is scheduled for 15 November, with the final round in February / March 2015.

If these dates are really not an option to you and you would like to participate please contact Ngaire to discuss this. If there is enough demand she can arrange an alternative date.

For those of you have not participated in Key of Friendship in the past, it is a great way to get to know your fellow Rotarians a little bit better and a way to contribute to our clubs fundraising activities.

How it works is that we run a series of three evenings where you share a meal with two other couples from the club. One evening you are asked to host, catering for yourselves and your guests. The guests are asked to pay $20 per couple as a donation to Rotary and to bring a bottle of wine, chocolates or something similar for the hosts. The secret is that the hosts don’t know who is coming for dinner until they arrive at their front door, and the guests don’t know where they are being hosted till between 4:30pm - 5pm the night of the event. Its always a fun night, and this year should be no different.

If you have dietary restrictions let Ngaire know ASAP so that she can let your hosts know well in advance.

Appeal – Wellington Children’s Hospital

Chris has received a good response from Tawa Rotarians to help with the collection for the Wellington Children’s Hospital – at Outlet City, Tawa.  The collection will be between 10am and 5pm on 25 September 2014.

All funds collected will go directly to the Children’s Hospital to help improve the facilities and provide vital medical equipment and much needed comforts for the kids and their caregivers.

Thank you Chris Black and those who have volunteered to help for this worthy fundraising venture.

Being a responsible digital citizen

Cybersafety continues to be a topic of keen interest as issues of cyber bullying, scams, cyber stalking, computer security arise. NZ Police advises on helping to prevent online identity theft and protecting our children when they’re online at : ; Netsafe provides numerous resources on internet safety:

We have been liaising with Tawa College to find ways to raise the awareness and understanding of resources available to help our young people, their parents and friends to address cybersafety.

Thursday 25 September – a seminar is being held in our community to learn about the importance of emotional and mental wellbeing and responsible use of technology. This seminar is being delivered by Assoc. Prof Marc Wilson and Dr Jessica Garisch of the Youth Wellbeing Study Team from Victoria University of Wellington.

Time and venue: Thursday 25 September at 7pm, Tawa College Hall. The details in the following PDF refer:

Seminar Flyer 25 September 2014.

While there is a technical side to “cyber safety” such as security controls, etc. - the technical side is possibly easier to take care of than the real emotional and mental side of our young people. However the emotional and mental wellbeing is about what we need to inform the community -young people and their emotional and mental wellbeing in relation to use of Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Sexting, Video-Gaming etc., is our concern.

Please spread the news in our community about this forthcoming seminar.

Stroke Foundation – Blood Pressure Campaign

On Saturday 4 October, Tawa Rotary will be helping the Stroke Foundation NZ blood pressure awareness campaign at Porirua New World.

The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand (, is co-ordinating this campaign with the support of partners St John, Wellington Free Ambulance, Foodstuffs and Rotary. The groups want to raise public awareness about the relationship between untreated high blood pressure and stroke, and to encourage people to have their blood pressure checked regularly. Free blood pressure checks will be offered as part of the campaign, and information provided about stroke risk factors.

Our involvement will be to assist with raising awareness in our community, and on the day – to assist with encouraging people visiting New World to have their blood pressure read, writing down the blood pressure readings undertaken by St Johns or Wellington Free Ambulance staff, and handing out information to the public.

Register for Conference 2014

Ken Pearson and Martin Garcia are encouraging members to attend the combined District Conference and Institute from 5 to 7 December. This is a unique opportunity right on our doorstep to experience two days of information, inspiration, entertainment, fun and meeting with fellow Rotarians from the District, New Zealand and Australia.

Early bird registration closes 30 September.

From 1 October the current $285 + $70 (for the Saturday night function) will increase to $325 + $70. So get on line and register now at (A saving of $40 if you register early).

A programme is available on line; and you can register now. More activities and speakers will be added. The Facebook page is

Register at

PS: The next District 9940 Conference after this is not until May 2016 (no District Conference in calendar 2015).

Good health @ Revolve

The Tawa Rotary Revolve Gym class is held each Sunday, at midday, or 10 minutes earlier if you wish to warm up on a treadmill. At Revolve Gym, The Mall, Tawa. Tawa Rotarians and their friends / relations are very welcome to join - so come along and give it a go. FREE for first time attendees – else only $10pp per session. A bargain for a 40 min. weights and exercise circuit to tone up those muscles. Want to find out more? - get in touch with Richard Herbert.

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Tuesday 9 September 2014

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