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Christmas at the College

Rotarians bbqOur second year at Tawa College for the Christmas carols has confirmed that with such changeable weather, it really helps to have this annual event indoors to keep dry and warm.

Ukelele BandOur MC, PDG Howard Tong, did a great job making all feel welcome and encouraging audience participation in anticipating Santa's visit.


Porirua Trust BandEntertainment included music from Linden School, the TUI Ukelele band, the Porirua Trust Band and Charlotte Murray; plus a Christmas story from MC Howard and reading from Major Keith Wray. Santa arrived in style on the fire truck and the children were thrilled to see him arrive.



The Christmas Carols at the College kicked off the Rotary Tawa Foodbank appeal - collecting non-perishable food items and cash donations at a time when the foodbank stocks really need to be replenished to meet expected demand over the Christmas/New Year. 

Our Toot4Tucker campaign originated in 2011 and has continued to grow as people come out from their houses when they hear the sirens, ready to contribute their cans and packets of food or cash. It's called Toot4Tucker because we create noise with the fire truck sirens and collectors blowing whistles, horns, anything to gain attention as we walk through the streets. 

The Wednesday 10th Toot4Tucker unfortunately had to be postponed as it was too cold and wet for collectors and potential donors. Thursday 11th, however, was really successful with 2540 food items and approx. $360 in cash collected. This compares with 1015 items collected on the first night in 2013.

Monday 15 December - we expect to cover the remaining streets of Tawa and the weather outlook is promising (fingers crossed!). The street signs have been updated to alert our local community to this additional night. Members are asked to meet at the Tawa Fire Station, 5.30pm Monday. 

Tawa Rotary Christmas

Great work by Club Services who co-ordinated this year's Tawa Rotary Christmas celebration. We had pot luck meals at nominated members' homes, with the 3 part menu split and we all gathered at Pres Pat and Melva Waite's place for dessert. Thank you to the hosts for an excellent function.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Thank you President Pat for your inspiring leadership over the first 6 months of the Rotary year. We have President Martin Garcia taking on the mantel from January 2015.

Look forward to seeing you on Monday 15 December for Toot4Tucker!Rotary Christmas

Tuesday 9 December 2014

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