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Thanks to Plimmerton Rotary

Members were hosted by the Rotary Club of Plimmerton at the Mana Cruising Club. Guest speaker was Sir Robert Jones who gave a frank and entertaining account of his experiences with Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon in the 1980s. Sir Robert regaled an attentive audience with anecdotes of his interactions with PM Muldoon and other notables at the time. Sir Robert enjoyed his time with PM Muldoon who was described as a man with a lot of strengths, honesty and who would not renege on an election promise.

Our thanks to Plimmerton Rotary for the opportunity to join your meeting.

Parting Thought

Parting thought from Bob Austin, who has his leg in plaster after falling - “A fall makes a wise man wiser.”


Stroke Foundation Blood Pressure Awareness Campaign

Blood pressure campaignTawa Rotarians are asked to help with the Stroke Foundation’s Blood Pressure Awareness Campaign that will take place on Saturday 4 October 2014, from 10.00am to 2.00pm.

The aims of the campaign are to:

■ To raise awareness about the relationship between high blood pressure and stroke.

■ To encourage people to check their blood pressure regularly.

■ To provide information about stroke and risk factors for stroke.


The campaign will target Saturday shoppers. Free blood pressure testing sites, set up in participating New World and PAK’n SAVE supermarkets across the country, will also provide information about blood pressure and stroke.

The campaign partners are the Stroke Foundation, St John, Wellington Free Ambulance, Rotary and Foodstuffs supermarkets. Rotary will ensure sites are prepared, and manage the hand-outs and paperwork on the day.

We had a successful campaign at Tawa New World last year. With a sufficient number of volunteers from our club, it’s an excellent way to demonstrate Rotary’s commitment to our community and working in partnership with other organisations. Please register to help either with Chris Black or Gary Denton of the Tawa Rotary community services’ team.

Register for Conference 2014

President Pat urged members to register for the combined District Conference and Zone Institute. Ken Pearson and Martin Garcia are Tawa’s club champions for the Conference.

Being held at: Wellington 5-7 December 2014.

Early bird registration closes 30 September.

Rotarians and friends from some 15 countries across the 21 districts of Australia and 6 of New Zealand – and thus reaching out across the South and South West Pacific – will be in Wellington for a week.

It culminates in a combined Conference and Institute Friday 5 to Sunday 7 December, at the Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington.

A programme is available on line; and you can register now. More activities and speakers will be added. The Facebook page is

Register at

From 1 October the current $285 + $70 (for the Saturday night function) will increase to $325 + $70. So get on line and register now at (A saving of $40 if you register early).

PS: The next District 9940 Conference after this is not until May 2016 (that’s right, no District Conference in calendar 2015). The December 2014 Conference is so good, you will need all that time to gear up for the next!

Good health @ Revolve

The Tawa Rotary Revolve Gym class is held each Sunday, at midday, or 10 minutes earlier if you wish to warm up on a treadmill. At Revolve Gym, The Mall, Tawa. Tawa Rotarians and their friends / relations are very welcome to join - so come along and give it a go. FREE for first time attendees – else only $10pp per session. A bargain for a 40 min. weights and exercise circuit to tone up those muscles. Want to find out more? - get in touch with Richard Herbert.

Print copy of notices available at: Bulletin notices 10 August 2014 [size 317Kb]

Tuesday 5 August 2014

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