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Looking Ahead for Tawa Rotary

President Irene’s announcement that New World will be sponsoring our weekly raffle for another year was greeted with applause. Through the generosity of New World we have so far raised $1,428 for our charity account.

A short AGM was convened to elect the balance of Board members.

The core Board for 2014/15 will consist of:

  • Pat Waite, President July to December 2014
  • Martin Garcia, President January to July 2015
  • Irene Corpuz, Immediate Past President
  • Bruce Phillips, Treasurer
  • Richard Hutchinson, Secretary
  • Ken Pearson, President Elect
  • Martin Garcia/Pat Waite, Membership
  • Andrew Watson, Publicity
  • Richard Herbert, Foundation
  • Malcolm Andrews, Club Service
  • Laura Sommer, Community projects

Chairs of committees that will also be represented from time-to-time at Board meetings are:

  • Youth, Gaylene Lines
  • Vocational, Ken Pearson
  • International, Ann Dale

Incoming President Pat Waite presented his approach to the new Rotary year, outlining the results of a survey of members and commenting on suggestions that will be taken up and others that will need to be put to the Club for further discussion. The emphasis in the 2014/15 year will be on strengthening the Club, while maintaining the momentum built with public image and the more focused approach to projects. There will be continuity over the next year at a strategic level, for example, the Club’s vision of being more visible, more relevant, viable, active and engaged will be maintained. The survey results engendered a good exchange of ideas and members were invited to provide further comments by email to Pat and Martin so that an agenda can be set for a Club Forum early in the year. 

Select the following link to see the presentation: Tawa Rotary Year Ahead 2014-15

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you to those members who make the effort to register their apologies when they aren't able to attend, or to advise of extra guests for our meetings.  The Club does need to know catering numbers by Monday.

Last week's meeting noted concern at the lack of apologies received meaning the shortfall is having to be subsidised from limited club funds.


New World Raffle winner

Congratulations to raffle winner – Steve Pettigrew

Parting thought

Parting thought from Richard Hutchinson: “We’re all in this together” from High School Musical.


Take Action in your Community






Sat 28 June - Stadium Duties

Stadium DM duties (after Book Fair) 7.35pm kickoff Hurricanes v Crusaders. the Stadium require as many Duty Managers as we can supply. At this stage they require up to 12 people, which is certainly good revenue for our Rotary Club charitable fund.

Can you please reconfirm your assistance by email so Tony can manage the final list. We are required from 5:30 for a full briefing.

Please advise Tony Heyward of your availability to help with this important fundraiser.

Book Fair

Doug is doing a great job with spreading the news on the Book Fair. A recent message sent to Tawa School Secretaries so you can also convey this news:

“The Rotary Club of Tawa is organizing another “Book Fair” for the weekends of 28/29 June and 5/6 of July. The Book Fair this year will be held at Tawa New World Mall (opposite the check-out). It will be open from 9am till 4pm on Saturdays and from 10am till 3pm on Sundays.

As in previous years, half the net profits go to the Life Education Trust. Last year, we were able to give the Trust over $9 000, which goes at least some way towards paying the costs of running their drug and alcohol avoidance training programmes for our local children.  The other $9 000-odd is passed on to other charities via our Trust Account

Would you please include a brief mention of our Book Fair on your website or newsletter to parents, so they are made aware that the Book Fair is on again and can look out for the flyer we are sending to every home in the area.

We have literally thousands of books available. Most of these are sold at $2 for “standard format” paperbacks and small hardcover books or $3 for hard cover books and “large format” paperbacks. The books cover all age ranges and subjects, so there should be something for everyone at bargain prices. We also have music CD’s, some DVD’s, LP’s and even some 78’s – which most of your students would not have seen before!

In particular, most children’s and young people’s books are sold at only 50 cents or $1 each. We look on this as a way of encouraging youngsters to read or be read to. This is a relatively small point, but at least it goes some way towards improving literacy levels at a low cost to parents.

Our Book Fairs benefit everyone concerned. The donors have a useful way of disposing of unneeded books; the buyers can pick up some great bargains and, of course, the children get the benefits of Life Education Trust’s programme.”

District 9940 News

Go to for the latest District news and a link to DG Deb’s Dispatch Newsletter.

Join a Rotary Fellowship

Interested Rotarians can join a Rotary Fellowship – see: or even start a prospective Rotary Fellowship if their recreational or vocational interest is not in the list of approved Rotary Fellowships.

Good health @ Revolve

The Tawa Rotary Revolve Gym class is held each Sunday, at midday, or 10 minutes earlier if you wish to warm up on a treadmill. At Revolve Gym, The Mall, Tawa. Tawa Rotarians and their friends / relations are very welcome to join - so come along and give it a go. FREE for first time attendees – else only $10pp per session. A bargain for a 40 min. weights and exercise circuit to tone up those muscles. Want to find out more? - get in touch with Richard Herbert.

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Tuesday 17 June 2014

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