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Hear from our local MP

Hon Peter Dunne and Martin Garcia 15 Jul 14Local MP and Minister of Internal Affairs Hon. Peter Dunne spoke to the Club the day after his 30th anniversary as a Member of Parliament. Peter recalled the changes that had taken place in New Zealand’s political and economic environment, noting that the quest for security drives economic policy. Peter was in Parliament from the time of PM Muldoon, so he has witnessed the move from fortress New Zealand through the reforms of the Lange government in the 1980s that laid the foundations for the Clark and Key governments. He is proud of New Zealanders’ ‘fair go’ mentality, but says you can’t have a fair life without a well-functioning market economy. Peter explained that while United Future’s idealism for economic, community and social well-being is very important, there is also the need to preserve personal security and privacy. He is determined to make the intelligence services accountable to Parliament and protect the data of citizens, although some security arrangements are necessary such as the five eyes arrangement. Peter explained that the idealism he has always had for a bolder, freer, more independent yet secure New Zealand continues to spur him on to stand again as a United Future candidate.

Media coverage is available at the following links:

A copy of Peter Dunne's speech is available at the following link: HON PETER DUNNE address to Tawa Rotary 15 July 2014 [size 84Kb]

Member’s 2 Minute Talk

Martin Garcia spoke about his work providing policy advice on import and export matters in the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. Martin has recently been involved in providing duty-free importation of building materials and making it easier for exporters of electrical equipment to access the Chinese market.

Congratulations to Raffle Winner

Jennifer Mackrell and raffle 15 Jul 14Congratulations to New World Raffle winner and welcome guest, Elizabeth Sutton.
The photo shows Peter Dunne's wife, Jennifer Mackrell, as she draws a raffle ticket. 

Parting Thought

Gary Denton’s parting thought: “Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain.

Pres Pat 15 Jul 14 Ladies at Rotary Dinner at Rotary 15 Jul 15



Raise funds at Stadium

We have been asked for a minimum of 12 Duty Managers for this Saturday’s 26 July Football United Tour EPL Games. Start 11:30am with finish by 6:15pm.

We will be paid $150.00 per Duty Manager. Everybody will have a break and the opportunity to be a roving Duty Manager. If you can assist with this great opportunity to raise funds for our charity account please contact Tony Heyward to confirm your assistance.

Collectors for Children’s Hospital Appeal

Tawa Rotary has been asked to support the Wellington Children’s Hospital first street appeal in September by providing volunteers.

The Wellington Hospitals Foundation is a registered charitable trust that raises funds for projects to improve the comfort and welfare of patients and their families at Wellington Hospital, Kenepuru Hospital, Wellington Children's Hospital and Kapiti Health Centre.

From Sara at the Wellington Hospitals’ Foundation:

“We require corporate volunteers to join our street appeal for the Wellington Children’s Hospital on Thursday the 25th of September 2014.

Volunteer work can provide great satisfaction of knowing you and your organisation have made a child’s stay in Hospital a lot better.

On behalf of Wellington Hospitals Foundation and Wellington Children’s Hospital thank you for your support. Your time will make a big difference to the children, their caregivers and the staff of the hospital.”


News from Rotary New Zealand World Community Service

From the latest newsletter of the RNZWS: “One of the key tools Rotary New Zealand uses to respond to disasters in the Pacific is through the Emergency Response Kit programme. And to show their appreciation of the programme, at a farewell function for Exchange Students returning home after a year in New Zealand, they presented Rotarian Willard Martin with a cheque for $2,227. The students sought donations during their time in New Zealand whenever an opportunity presented itself. Well done and thank you from Rotary New Zealand.”

More details available at: RNZWCS newsletter July 2014 [size 1.2Mb]

Upside Down, Inside Out and All Over the Place – 21 weeks to Conference 2014

Invitation received from our District Governor:

The largest gathering of Rotarians in New Zealand for many decades will take place in Wellington 5-7 December 2014. And you are invited.

Rotarians and friends from some 15 countries across the 21 districts of Australia and 6 of New Zealand – and thus reaching out across the South and South West Pacific – will be in Wellington for a week.

It culminates in a combined Conference and Institute Friday 5 to Sunday 7 December, at the Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington.

The Board of Rotary International had to give permission for this event to take place. Rotary Institutes – which are gatherings of past district governors, receiving briefings on current Rotary matters from RI officers – are kept strictly separate from District Conferences. The Manual of Procedure says so!

We asked – why not combine? Especially if it meant that every Rotarian could hear from the RI officers? When all Rotarians could hear from other high class speakers from New Zealand and abroad? When it meant that costs could be shared? When it could pull together a very visible, high-energy buzz in our Capital City and draw media profile? When it could mean the closest New Zealand, let alone our District, ever gets to hosting a Rotary International Convention – multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-educational and multi-enjoyable?

So District 9940 said – Let’s turn it upside down, inside out, and be all over the place. Let’s enable each Rotarian to get involved, and show the wider world that Rotary is doing good in our communities, as well as put on a fine, enjoyable conference. And the RI Board agreed!

Programme and Registration

A programme is available on line; and you can register now. More activities and speakers will be added. The Facebook page is

Register at

Early bird registration closes 30 September. So from 1 October the current $285 + $70 (for the Saturday night function) will increase to $325 + $70. So get on line and register now at (A saving of $40 if you register early).

Details of accommodation are also found on the web site. There are lots of hotels (all price ranges), and other accommodation within walking distance.

We are having great interest from Australia and other parts of New Zealand, as they see the benefit of coming to Wellington, touring the area and also doing Christmas shopping in Wellington City and the wider region.

Shape Rotary: Join Leaders – Exchange Ideas – Take Action

This is also an historic opportunity for the activities, energy and thinking of Rotarians from this District to have a real impact on RI leadership from Chicago and on fellow Rotarians from 15 countries. I can see projects, exchanges and ideas from our clubs emerging and Lighting Up Rotary.

Yours in Rotary service,

Anthony Scott [District Governor 9940] 

PS: The next District 9940 Conference after this is not until May 2016 (that’s right, no District Conference in calendar 2015). The December 2014 Conference is so good, you will need all that time to gear up for the next!

Good health @ Revolve

The Tawa Rotary Revolve Gym class is held each Sunday, at midday, or 10 minutes earlier if you wish to warm up on a treadmill. At Revolve Gym, The Mall, Tawa. Tawa Rotarians and their friends / relations are very welcome to join - so come along and give it a go. FREE for first time attendees – else only $10pp per session. A bargain for a 40 min. weights and exercise circuit to tone up those muscles. Want to find out more? - get in touch with Richard Herbert.

Print copy of notices at: Bulletin Notices 20 July 2014 [size 260Kb]

Tuesday 15 July 2014

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