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Siafu Andrews and Carrie Burke, TLC 29 Aug 17Carrie Burke and Siafu Andrews from The Learning Connexion (TLC) talked passionately about this tertiary school of Creativity & Art that’s based in Taita, Lower Hutt. Siafu and Carrie pictured here with their Rotary pens.

We offer courses in; ceramics, computer, hot arts, Illustration, Jewellery, Mixed Media, Painting, drawing, design, photography and printmaking. We offer various study options to suit your lifestyle from casual classes (evening & weekend) to our level 4-7 programmes, which can be studied either onsite or via our distance delivery programme. We also offer students from New Zealand Correctional facilities the opportunity to also study with us.

creative spiral, The Learning ConnexionWe are passionate about assisting our students to develop their critical thinking skills using art as a vehicle to discovery. We value the uniqueness of each student and the potential within them; our job is to draw that out from them, provide them technical skills that help them to build confidence and competency. The core model we apply to our learning process is referred to as Jonathan Milne’s Creative Spiral (see diagram). This approach runs through all our classes, and we find it is a very successful model for the continued generation and evaluation of ideas.

The Learning Connexion 29 Aug 17

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