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Sub Urban: Co-working space

Kathleen Wright, Sub Urban, 4 Aug 2015At the 4 August 2015 meeting, Tawa Rotary extended a warm welcome to guest speakers from Sub Urban - Kathleen Wright and Bice Anwan. Bice Anwan, Sub Urban, 4 Aug 2015Kathleen has a passion for urban regeneration. She’s really keen for an opportunity to support small business, so she kick-started Sub Urban through Neighbourly. This sparked interest from the community about the potential to support local business connection. Sub Urban’s objectives are to:

  • Get older people to share skills and learning between generations
  • Reconnect people who are disconnected
  • Use the connections for enterprise
  • Establish a co-workers space for business

They established a co-working space in Johnsonville with backing – rent free and electricity free for 6 months support by DNS. Sub Urban provides a space for small businesses to ‘pocket park’. The initiative is backed by: Councillor Justin Lester, Pat Waite, Irene Corpuz, Residents Association, Onslow College, Young Enterprise Scheme.

Sub Urban has desks for rent, meeting rooms for hire, high speed WiFi, bring your own device. So far, 7 businesses have signed up.

Bice (pictured right) is a Rotarian from Wellington Rotary who is involved with Sub Urban. Her plea to Rotary noted that this is about strengthening the community. Sub Urban is asking for help with the following:

  • Kitchen to be painted
  • cupboards to be fitted
  • need work desks; settees, chairs to relax (retro style that suits professional environment)
  • a printer.

The future ambition for Sub Urban is to make it successful; spread to other communities; and to use Rotary communities.


Member’s Update

Tom Humphrey gave a great 3 minute talk on his handyman experience. He’s made clothes for his family and when someone saw the beautiful dress he’d made, he was asked to make 30 dresses! Tom makes bread, yoghurt and cheese. As he says, there’s ‘something to be said about making your own stuff’. Tom’s talents extend to brewing beer, cider and wine with his own still so when guests visit - he is able to serve up a choice.

Upcoming events

Date (2015)



11 August

Matt Crawshaw & Makerita Makepula - Good Cents

Pat Waite

18 August

Stephanie Lamborn, Volunteer Service Abroad

Ngaire Best

25 August

Visit to Gillies McIndoe Research Institute, Dr Swee Tan

Pat Waite

1 Sept

Bishop Duckworth, Anglican Bishop of Wellington

Richard Hutchison

8 Sept

Reports from Committee Chairs


15 Sept

Chris Whelan, Exec Director, Universities of NZ


27 October (Updated)

District Governor Visit

Pres Ken Pearson



Good Cents

Good Cents Programme 11 Aug 2015We welcome two speakers next Tuesday: Matt Crawshaw and Makerita Makepula from Wesley Mission, Cannons Creek who will talk about the Good Cents Programme which helps people better manage their financial position.


Tawa Valley Pathway Community Tree Planting

Rotary and friends, tree planting 8 Aug 15Tree planting besides the Tawa Valley pathway (south of Taylor Park) did take place on Saturday 8 August despite intermittent showers. 500 trees have been supplied by Wellington City Council as part of their ongoing support for community group tree planting for beautification along the Tawa Valley Pathway.Tree planting 8 August 2015

Thanks to Judith’s notice to Tawa College, one of the student’s parents Michelle turned up to help as she has an obvious interest in planting native trees. Four Rotarians, 3 from Lions and Michelle were at the Saturday planting. Over 100 trees were planted and it’s intended to continue again next weekend – hopefully with more sunshine.

When: Saturday 15 August

What: Please bring a spade if possible although it is not necessary for everyone to be able to dig holes – there is plenty of opportunity for lighter work also in logistics (moving the trees to planting holes) and the planting of trees. Please bring you own spade if possible, and garden quality gloves and suitable clothing and footwear for the weather.

Tawa Rotary is co-ordinating this community event. Contact: Richard Herbert.

Sub Urban Co-working in our Community

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