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soft toys for Foster HopeAnd now it’s the turn of the soft toys. Tawa Rotary has added soft toys to their pyjama and beanie collections for Foster Hope, the charity that supports children taken into foster care, often at short notice. So, please look into the back of the cupboards and under the beds for any soft toys in good, clean condition that you feel your family can part with. Or perhaps even find us a new one. The drop-off point is ITM on Main Rd, Tawa. One more child with warm PJs, a beanie and a soft toy to cuddle down with is one more child that feels just that little bit more loved.

Pictured: Tawa Rotarians and June Matthews of Foster Hope, with donated pyjamas and beanies, test the cuddle factor of some of the soft toys. From left Elizabeth Sutton, June Matthews, Gaylene Lines, Brian Frampton and Tony Heyward.

A further appeal for more beanies has been shared via Facebook, local news and our website.

Soft toys for Foster Hope

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