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Instruction from Wellington Free Ambulance, 17 May 16“Early defibrillation combined with CPR can improve survival rates to as high as 74% when defibrillation is provided within three minutes of collapse. For every minute that is wasted, the chance of survival decreases 7-10%.” [Quremed]

Brian Frampton, 17 May 16On 17 May 2016, Tawa Rotarians and guests from Tawa Lions were provided with training on CPR and using a defibrillator . Training was provided by Wellington Free Ambulance with support from the Tawa Fire Service. 

Exchange student, Helena, 17 May 16Advice received from Wellington Free Ambulance that you can save a life. Each week, 3 Wellingtonians fall victim to sudden cardiac arrest. It can happen to anyone at any time, without any known heart disease or other risk factors. Remember your DRSABCDs * see table. Download the free AED Locations app from iTunes or Google play.

Richard Herbert - CPR training 17 May 16Pictured left - Rotary Exchange student, Helena putting into practice the instruction we all received on steps to applying CPR while the 111-call is made to get help from emergency services.

D Danger Check the area for dangers
R Response Check for a response
S Send

Send for help (111)

A Airway

Open airway

B Breathing

Check for breathing (listen, look, feel)


Start CPR (chest compressions)

D Defibrillation

Apply defibrillator if available.


Save a Life

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