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Visit to Research Institute 25 August

Gillies Research Institute (1) 25 Aug 15We had the privilege to visit the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute, hosted by Dr Swee Tan on August 25th. “Our goal is Tawa Rotary visiting Gillies McIndoe Research 25 Aug 15treatment of cancer without surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy – to bypass everything we have done for the last 100 years.”

As Dr Swee notes – “The GMRI's ground-breaking research relating to strawberry birthmark has potentially enormous implications for the treatment of other tumours, including cancer.

If the GMRI team can control the stem cells in strawberry birthmark by causing them to ‘commit suicide’, it may be possible to manipulate cancer in a similar way.”Gillies McIndoe Research Institute (2) 25 Aug 15

Dr Swee Tan has been recognised in PDG Pat Waite’s year with a Paul Harris fellow for his amazing work to cure strawberry birthmarks – a vascular tumour. This pioneering work has since led to the development of the GMRI. We were shown through the labs where they research the effect of treatment on tissue samples – the GMRI tissue bank was established in Jan 2013 with associated ethics oversight.

Visit to Gillies McIndoe Research Inst 25 Aug 15The small GMRI team is creating a stir internationally as their unique approach is recognised as a potential way to deal with cancer that could be only 10-15 years away. President Ken noted in his thanks that for people to die with cancer rather than of cancer will be a huge step.

Photos show Rotarians, family and friends visiting the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute.

Bishop Justin visiting Tawa Rotary

Bishop JustinMost will have heard of or seen the dreadlocks, the sandals or bare feet, but how many of you have met the Anglican Bishop of Wellington?  If you were to judge this book by its cover you would be way off the mark.  Justin is a humble yet determined man who is giving his all for the last, the lost and the least, who embodies service above self and communicates with a passion.

Tuesday the 1st September is your chance to meet and hear the real Bishop Justin. Partners are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

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1 Sept

Bishop Duckworth, Anglican Bishop of Wellington

Richard Hutchinson

8 Sept

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15 Sept

Chris Whelan, Exec Director, Universities of NZ

 Bill Sommer

27 October (Updated)

District Governor Visit

Pres Ken Pearson


Club Development and Public Image Workshop

Our first online District club development and public image workshop was held on Thursday 27 August 2015. It was a 30 minute workshop hosted by Joanna Newlove, District Chair for Public Image that covered:

  • Club development and public image working together (PDG Deb Gimblett)
  • Social Media tips (Laura Sommer)
  • A brief tour of My Rotary website (Tony Heyward)
  • The Brand Centre website (Joanna Newlove)

Representation from around the district – Wanganui across to Masterton – attended the GoToMeeting from the comfort of their own homes, including our own DGN Martin Garcia. We’re really excited by the opportunities that this first trial opens to extending training and communication across the District. A recorded version of the the first session is to be published via the District 9940 website.

The latest District 9940 newsletter for September is now available D9940_Newsletter_September – well worth reading to keep up to date on Rotary activity.


Gillies McIndoe Research - Dr Swee Tan

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