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Drug ARM - Phil King 

Drug Arm Agency May 17

Tuesday 23 May 2017, we had Phil King (chairman) from Drug ARM presenting on the crucial role that this volunteer organisation fulfils on Wellingtons streets. Drug-ARM (Awareness, Relief, Movement) is a Christian-based non-profit New Zealand registered charity that works on our city streets doing all it can to help individuals and the community deal with problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse. In his presentation he gave us background to the charity and its activities.

Phil King, DrugARM 23 May 2017The street vans travel all around greater Wellington Friday and Saturday nights often until the wee hours of the morning (2am or later) offering hot drinks, food, counselling and listening ears to those who need it most - young and old alike. As an organisation DRUG ARM is desperate to curb the rising statistics of drug-related deaths, accidents and crime and to markedly improve the quality of life of those directly and indirectly affected by drugs.

Working with donors and supporters, Drug ARM has a pool of about 50 volunteers from different churches in Wellington, Hutt Valley, Tawa and Porirua who are dedicated to making a difference in our community. It is a non-denominational Christian organisation. They have a caring heart and a willingness to lend a helping hand every weekend of the year. All volunteers attend a training day which covers drug and alcohol information, communication skills, legal knowledge and evangelism. He noted - we also like our people to be trained in first aid. They are rostered on in a team of 4-6 people to go out every three to six weeks on Friday or Saturday nights. Without the assistance of these volunteers Drug-ARM would not be able to go out on the streets as we do.

Finally, Phil spent some time sharing stories from the street – some uplifting and some shocking, none of it glamorous. These are our children and grandchildren. Let’s keep them safe. 


Drug Arm Agency - 23 May 17

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