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District Governor Mitch Brown visits Tawa

RDG Mitch Brown, 20 Feb 2019otary District Governor Mitch Brown attended the Rotary Tawa meeting on 20 Feb 2018. Past DG Martin Garcia welcomed Mitch with a toast in which he also noted that this was a significant week for Mitch with Thursday 22 Feb being the 7th Anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake at which he attended as part of an Urban Rescue team, and also that this Friday 23 Feb was the 113th anniversary of the founding of Rotary.

Group photo with DG Mitchell Brown, 20 Feb 2018Mitch recounted some of his journey with Rotary in terms of how much Rotary had influenced his life, his career and his progression within Rotary to now be DG of the largest Rotary district in New Zealand. And it all started with the offer of a Rotarian to invest in him. Investing in Rotarians for the future of Rotary was a bit of a theme of his talk.

For Mitch history was important, not that we should continue to keep doing the same things, but that it indicates what has been achieved and what could be achieved in the future.

Mitch also spoke about some of the goals of the current RI President Ian Riseley, and his theme “Rotary: Making a Difference”.

  1. Securing Rotary’s future to support and grow club membership. How was Rotary going to accommodate the millennials and why would they join Rotary. Some provocative thoughts and examples were given.
  2. Environmental Sustainability. Environmental degradation and global climate change cannot continue to be ignored by Rotary. We can all make a difference to environmental sustainability by planting a tree.

Mitch concluded his address by wetting our appetite to attend the “RotaFEST - a Festival of Rotary”, 11-13 May in Palmerston North. Further details of the programme and registration are available on the District website.

Ken Woodgate in making the thanks made a presentation to Mitch of the recently published book “Tawa the tree, the community and its Reserves” and also a tawa tree sapling which Mitch said he would get RI President Ian Riseley to plant at the Wildlife Recovery Centre in Palmerston when he visits there in March.

The group photo represents District Governors past and present and District Committee Rotarians (as noted Tawa is well represented at District level).

District Governor Mitch Brown visits Tawa

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