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Olwyn Cunningham, Longview Rest Home 6 Jun 17

Olwyn Cunningham, Longview Rest Home 6 Jun 17
Olwyn Cunningham from Longview Rest home spoke at Tawa Rotary on 6 June 2017.


When you walk in the front door of Longview Rest home the first thing to greet you is a cage with two very noisy residents! Arthur and Martha are blue budgies who look as though they rule the roost and they know it. However, Olwyn Cunningham has been Longview’s Manager for 10 of the 16 years she has worked there. She runs a staff of 60 including nurses, caregivers, administration, kitchen, gardeners and from all accounts it’s a happy place for both the staff and the residents. The attitude they take is that the staff are working in the residents’ home rather than the residents living in the staff’s workplace. There are 32 rest home beds and 28 hospital level care beds. Sometimes the home provides palliative care to Tawa residents who wish to be close by family and friends.

Longview is part of the Enliven Brand of rest homes and embraces a care programme called ‘Eden Care’. This emphasises catering to the residents’ needs to reduce loneliness, helplessness and boredom which is believed to account for the bulk of suffering amongst elders in the community. To this end, residents are encouraged to participate in all matters within the home including kitchen prep, gardening and decision making. Pets are encouraged to visit and sometimes even to stay with their owner. Longview has won several awards for the level of engagement with Eden Care they provide.

Olwyn finished her presentation by showing us some projections of a new building programme Longview is starting with a brand new apartment block comprising 42 one or two bedroomed units on land just below the current buildings. Longview Home appreciates the contribution Tawa Rotary makes to the activities including the Sunday drives. More community engagement would be greeted happily by residents and staff alike.

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