Jun 02, 2020 6:00 PM
All Partners and Guests Welcome
Jun 02, 2020 6:00 PM
All Partners and Guests Welcome
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Tawa Rotary Board Meeting by ZOOM
Jun 16, 2020
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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Tony Heyward
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New World Tawa

Our thanks to New World Tawa for their sponsor of our weekly raffle and support of Rotary fundraising projects.
Weekly Rosters and Duties
Tuesday 02 June 6:00pm
Starting / Parting thought - John Melville
Introduce / Thank Guest Speaker - Richard Herbert / Malcolm Andrews 
        Sergeant/Quiz Master  - President Judith
Todd Muller, Leader of the Opposition - to be introduced by Brett Hudson MP
                  Brett to be welcomed by Richard Herbert
        (Todd is on time constraints - 6.15pm to 6.30pm)
Sarah Meikle, Director of Wellington on a Plate
Sarah will be talking about plans for the event this year taking into account Covid-19, and the fallout from that.
                  To be introduced by Malcolm Andrews
Presidents Piece - 01 June 2020
from President Judith
The lowering of the Covid 19 alert level and restrictions has been a welcome relief. Being able to see extended family and close friends again has been great. Eight weeks of isolation has been a long time and especially hard for those on their own. But bursting open the bubbles and resuming albeit limited activities in public also comes with some anxiety. Also as we near the light at the end of the tunnel, in some respects, the sceptre of hardship looms for some in the community as well as concern for the risks for our family and friends.
The outlook for New Zealand on its current trajectory is good but we must continue to pay heed to the warnings around us. Many are starting to ask about resuming normally functioning meetings however we must continue to ensure the safety and well being of our members. At this stage the Tawa Bowling Club is consulting with all othet clubs to make a combined decision about use of the facilities and when that might occur. Although our caterer is ready to go we need to understand the restrictions that are still in place and adhere to these.
Continuation of our very successful Zoom meetings is being planned meantime and some consideration may be given to using this medium for some of our meetings in the future. Obviously the new President and his Board will need to consider this but if you have an opinion you may wish to let me or Board members know how you feel.
Our Stuff the Trolleys initiative continues and I encourage you all to please think of those families in need when you do your shopping. Could you also spread the word to your own family, friends and neighbours that this is a project worth supporting for our Tawa community. In the meantime thank you to those of you who are collecting the items and delivering to KCA in Grenada each day. I know they are appreciating it.
Office Holders & Responsibilities 2019/20
Club Meeting 02 June 2020

Our club meeting will be via Zoom at 6.00pm on Tuesday 02 June

This week our Guest Speaker is:

Todd Muller - Leader of the National Party


Sarah Meikle - Director of Wellington on a Plate 

You just need to go onto your computer, ipad, tablet or smartphone, click on the link and you should be taken to the meeting automatically. It helps to have your microphone and camera activated.

 Be in front of your computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone, click the link below.

Join the Zoom Meeting:







Phil Harland & Covid-19 - Reflections
A reflection from Phil Harland:  The above photo was taken at the Christchurch Conference last September, Phil met and talked with Rotary International President Mark Maloney
Thank you for your concern about my activities during lock down. Already the Anzac Day Photo at my Letterbox has been published with the photo taken by our member Robyn Peterson who lives walking distance from my place. However, as requested a note is provided as follows;
With the start of lockdown and being in my own bubble I was grateful for the help offered by several neighbours in Allen Terrace. Sandra Payne at No. 6 offered to do my food shopping and deliver it to my front step which she has done several times until now that I shop for myself.
When Sandra delivered the first shopping she apologised that the bread I ordered was sold out. But, next day she telephoned to say that she would deliver 4 loaves to my door and no charge. Then I had a phone call from Kirsty No 31 Allen Terrace having heard that I was seeking  Mollenberg Toast Bread left a loaf on my doorstep. Just as well you can freeze bread.
With a family widespread in NZ there has been plenty of telephone and email communication, also with relatives and friends overseas. 
Clearing weeds and other material from the garden has provide me with exercise and most of the rubbish from the garden has been cleared from the section.
This weekend with the easing of travel etc. I was able to catch up with my friend/partner at times, Shirley Mexted at Waikanae and today, Monday, we had lunch at Fisherman’s Table overlooking a sunny smooth Cook Strait and Kapiti Island. Ah, the joy of freedom!
All Best Wishes and yours in Rotary
Phil Harland
Stuff the Trolley
General Notices
Fund Raising Committee - Update
Foster Hope Pyjama Drive
I know it is a little difficult to do a pyjama drive at present, but Foster Hope are appealing for winter pyjamas – yes it is that time of year again.
   If you would like to purchase a pair of pyjamas and drop off at ITM, or failing that deposit $12 into Rotary account, under reference PUT Foster Hope, and we will purchase pyjamas to give to June.
   This is an ongoing project we have been involved with for a few years now,  and June Matthews from Foster Hope is forever grateful.   
Thank you for your support.
Take care everyone, keep safe and well, and remember if you need any assistance you only need to contact President Judith or any of the Board Members.

Presidential Message June 2020

Mark Maloney  -  President 2019-20

June 2020

My Rotary journey began 40 years ago when I joined the Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama, at the age of 25, and it has brought my family and me many unforgettable moments. But nothing could have prepared me for connecting with the world as president of Rotary International. My individual Rotary journey has become a shared Rotary journey with each of you.

All of the incredible people Gay and I met this year — Rotarians, Rotaractors, and the extended family of Rotary — will be an inspiration for the rest of our lives. We visited clubs and projects from Uruguay to Ukraine, from Nigeria to New Zealand, and beyond. We were privileged to crisscross the globe, circumnavigating it twice and moving back and forth between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Each country and each stop held its own Rotary magic. While in Zimbabwe in March, we participated in a medical vocational training team mission with Rotarians from India, providing health, hope, and life itself to the thousands who came for treatment. We also felt the energy of more than 300 young people at a Rotary Youth Symposium in Harare. What a thrill it was to be with these young people!

This year Rotary launched our new Action Plan, and I trust each club is putting that plan to use. And I have been energized by the efforts to embrace the priorities I set for this Rotary year: engaging families, providing leadership opportunities for all ages, celebrating our history with the United Nations in its 75th year, and, most significantly, growing Rotary.

As COVID-19 reached around the globe, we found ourselves in a world transformed. We have been forced to connect in ways we could never have imagined, testing our ability to adapt. We have made tough decisions, including canceling club meetings, district conferences, presidential conferences, and, much to our regret, the 2020 Rotary International Convention in Honolulu. Together everyone is placing the public good and welfare first, despite the loss of meetings, events, and experiences that had been planned for years.

As we looked forward to the Rotary Convention in Honolulu, we learned about the aloha spirit. Our Rotary friends in Hawaii showed us that "aloha" means mutual regard and affection. It extends warmth and caring with no expectation of anything in return. The spirit of aloha applies wherever in the world we may live. As Rotarians, Rotaractors, and members of the family of Rotary, we are connected, and as aloha has been defined to me: Our connection to one another is based upon mutual respect for our differences as well as our appreciation for what we have in common. Community is the sum of individuals — individuals who have concern for one another, who care, share, and take responsibility.

As I have witnessed the members of the Rotary community act to care for humanity amid the coronavirus pandemic, I have seen the aloha of Rotary. We are indeed people of action. Every day, but particularly during this pandemic, the Rotary community has demonstrated its aloha spirit. It is a gift to be shared, and we are each a steward of this gift of Rotary. Gay and I have been amazed, inspired, and humbled by all of you within the family of Rotary.

Indeed, I would say that the last part of our shared Rotary year was transformational. We found new ways to make the lives of others better, new ways to move forward together. And, together, we will continue to grow Rotary so that we may increase our gift of Rotary to our local and global communities.

Gay and I will always remember and treasure our year with you, our shared journey, as Rotary Connects the World!

Club Information
The Rotary Club of Tawa has been helping local and overseas communities since 1969.
We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Tawa Bowling Club
Grasslees Reserve
Davies Street
New Zealand
0274 406 098
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Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for both community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group of professionals who share your drive to give back.


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  • Rotarians are both women and men with a passion for service
  • Our professional members have significant opportunity for personal development
  • Rotary has wide-ranging social and networking opportunities
  • You are welcome to ask about how Rotary can enhance your lifestyle and its service opportunities

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Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders who dedicate their time and talent to tackle the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million members from more than 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work impacts lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world.


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