Apr 14, 2020
WCC - Covid-19
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Tawa Rotary Board Meeting by ZOOM
Apr 07, 2020
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
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Our thanks to New World Tawa for their sponsor of our weekly raffle and support of Rotary fundraising projects.
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Presidents Piece - 30 March 2020
from President Judith
This weekend was to have been our shining, brilliant exciting 50th Anniversary celebration. Instead it seems like months ago that we sadly had to pull the pin and delay our celebrations.
However we do have much to celebrate and we should be proud of our achievements. In the 50 years since the Rotary Club of Tawa was established the club has completed many projects, has helped a good many people, built a reputation in the community as a group who ‘gets things done’ and can be relied upon when needed. As well as that we have a lot of fun and enjoyment along the way.

All of this is now documented in our wonderful publication, “Creating and Enhancing Communities”

The book as well as the evidence of the clubs projects in Tawa are testament to many people and their mana, their foresight and their integrity. Rotary builds strong communities but it also attracts and develops good people. So although we couldn’t have a party we can be extremely proud of our club history, we acknowledge and thank past members, who have now given all of us the opportunity to truly connect with others.
As Rotarians we should be willing to talk proudly about our club and to encourage others to join us. It is that conversation or that chat with a friend, a family member or a neighbour that will influence them to become a member and help the club to be here for another 50 years.
Many of us raised a glass to Tawa Rotary Club’s 50 years on Saturday evening while we were safely ensconced in our bubbles. It is that spirit and heart that will ensure we have an appropriate celebration when circumstances allow.
Keep safe.


Office Holders & Responsibilities 2019/20
Club Meeting 14 April 2020

Tawa Rotary Club Meeting will be via Zoom at 6.00pm on Tuesday 14th April.

An email invitation including the link will be sent to all members.

You just need to go onto your computer, ipad, tablet or smartphone, click on the link and you should be taken to the meeting automatically. It helps to have your microphone and camera activated.
Our guest speaker will be Councillor Malcolm Sparrow who will give an update on Wellington City Councils response to Covid-19 and thoughts for the future for when we come out of this situation.

Obviously matters change daily so Malcolm will give us an up to the minute talk on this topic for approx. 8-10 minutes. 
Duties such as Starting and Parting thought will be notified prior to the meeting. 







Recent Meeting Update
Article from Club Member - Robyn Peterson 
From time to time, we are going to ask members for an update on what they are doing, here is a great and very interesting email from Robyn.
What am I doing?
Much like most people, looking forward to getting back to my own line of work but with schools out I can only do a very small part of my job.
I am working for a Nursing Bureau where they are distributing nurses where needed.
Last week I was carrying out swabbing for those that meet the criteria. Only for a few days as there weren't many at that time though the criteria has changed so may end up back there. 
At the moment I am doing 12 hour rotation shifts at the Oaks Hotel. 
The Ministry of Health have put people there that have come off the planes and are symptom free of Covid 19 at the time of arrival.
They must isolate themselves there for 2 weeks. Nurses are assessing for any symptoms and helping them with any preexisting conditions and some with anxiety and panic attacks. As you can imagine the latter is common especially at night. 
After their 2 weeks they are allowed to go to the grocery shop and out and about but getting home causes a problem as some live more than the 50k limit away and others need to fly. The sad part is we have one who doesn't know where he is supposed to be and no one in NZ to talk to as a friend. 
Except for me now of course as I have exposed him to my not too wonderful cooking skills. He hadn't been eating and when I asked what he felt like it was KFC. A friend sent me a recipe and I had a good go. No I am not a natural chef.
Those are the things I think are making the difference out there. Phoning people, keeping in touch, talking to people as you walk past of course keeping your distance. Listening to those that are concerned about their children, jobs, money. All this help cant fix these things but it certainly helps to know people care.
Hope this helps. Not doing much really. There are so many people doing amazing stuff out there. 
Fundraising Update
Fundraising Update

Obviously the two fundraising activities that were arranged for the end of Mar / Apr are both on hold.  
The car run to be held on 22 March, will go ahead at some stage when we get back to some normality, and obviously when it is safe to do so.   It may be a good way to unite again, get some feel of freedom and have a gathering at the end.

The Quiz evening will definitely be arranged at some stage, if we still have a venue!

As you know the movie fundraiser was very successful and $1,000 was raised.   Hopefully we can do this again in a few months’ time.  The car boot sale held at Outlet City was also successful, although it came to rather an abrupt halt.  Gaylene and I made the decision to free up our garages again – and the right day to do it – on that famous Saturday 21 March, when Jacinda made her first announcement of Lock Down.  We have a new appreciation of regular stall holders, a lot of unpacking, packing, with small returns.  After saying that, we enjoyed good comradeship amongst Rotarians and had fun and were building a relationship with the Lions Club, who sell fresh eggs and delicious honey on a weekly basis.  Over $700 was raised.  Thanks to all those who assisted with this and to Lyn Calman for sponsoring the billboards, they were fantastic.

Take care everyone, keep safe and well, and remember if you need any assistance you only need to contact me or any of the Board Members.

Thanks Liz
Happy Easter 2020
Presidential Message April 2020

Mark Maloney  -  President 2019-20

I spend a lot of time thinking of family, not just my own or the extended family of Rotary, but also the families we are helping in the communities we serve. In many parts of the world, mothers and children face challenges to survive that most of us will never comprehend. According to the World Health Organization, the risk of a woman in a low-income country dying during pregnancy or childbirth, or from related causes, is about 120 times higher than that of a woman living in a high-income country. It is encouraging that infant mortality rates are declining globally, yet 4 million babies annually still die within the first year of life.

In April, Rotary turns its attention to maternal and child health. And when we think of what we can do to help, we can look to clubs like the Rotaract Club of Calabar South-CB, Nigeria, for inspiration. It teamed up with the Rotaract Club of Canaan City (CB) in a program focused on educating mothers on best practices to prevent infant mortality and promote postnatal health for themselves and their babies. In Bangladesh, the Rotary Club of Dhaka North provides free surgeries and medicine to pregnant women who cannot afford the hospital costs associated with giving birth. I encourage you and your club to go to to find projects like these that are helping to save mothers and children.

Club Information
The Rotary Club of Tawa has been helping local and overseas communities since 1969.
We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Tawa Bowling Club
Grasslees Reserve
Davies Street
New Zealand
0274 406 098
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