Notice of Meeting
The Rotary meeting for Tuesday 1 September has been cancelled.
We have a Fund Raising Project in association with Nada bakery instead, can we please support.
Weekly Rosters and Duties
Please register guest attendance and apologies for non-attendance by 8pm on Sunday evening  to:,
or you can TXT before midday Monday please text to Malcolm Andrews 027 472 9837
Do you have job? Please check if you're on duty (list below) and arrange a substitute if you're unable to attend.
Any queries about meetings and duty rosters, please contact Malcolm Andrews 027 472 9837 or email:

So what do I do when I have club duty? 
This reminder will help:

Set-up: Try to be there at 5.30 and help get the room ready for meeting 
Greeters: Please arrive by 5.30 to meet and greet members and visitors. Fill in Visitors badges and direct them to a member to host them if possible. Sell raffle tickets.
Starting & Parting Thought: Be ready to go at 6.10
3 Minute Talk: Prepare something of interest, or entertaining. Or both.
Introduction & Thanks: Do some research prior to the evening. Be there by 5.45 if possible to greet guest speaker. You are their host for the evening. Perhaps offer to buy them a drink. Introduce them to members. Host them at dinner. 
Sergeant: Prepare a session that will extract money from members through fines or other means.
The Rotary meeting for Tuesday 1 September has been cancelled.
We have a Fund Raising Project in association with Nada bakery instead, can we please support.
Next Rotary Meeting Tuesday 8 September 6:00pm
Presidents Piece - 25 August 2020
From President Richard
I would like to start todays piece with a most sincere thanks to Gaylene, Ann and Elizabeth for making and distributing the masks.  This is a true embodiment of the ideals of Rotary service.  With the latest requirements to wear masks these will no doubt be of great use to the recipients.
Last Tuesday our board met and brainstormed a way forward including a program and a range of projects.  Much of what is being worked through can be made to work in level 2 lockdown and the program can transfer to Zoom if the lockdown levels increase.  There are some exciting times coming but to make the best of the opportunities we will all need to be a part of it.  As part of that planning we are going to put together our Committees, they are the engine room of Rotary and together we can achieve great things.
At the cluster meeting I discovered that my fellow presidents are also having a hard time planning meetings and projects in these COVID affected times.  This is affecting all us.  I have just heard through David Watt that the Karori club have gone back to full time Zoom as it is too much uncertainty around physical meetings.
Now to finish on a high note, the Rotary International President has announced that Polio has now been eradicated in the wild in the whole of Africa.  That leaves only a few of countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan where Polio is still in the wild, with I understand some cases coming over the border into India.  I was in Rotary when Polio Plus was kicked off in 1985 – 86 it seemed such a large and lofty goal, to eliminate Polio, but we have almost done it. Some of our members have done “Immunisation Days” for me it was helping organising fundraising projects and supporting those organised by others, we do this by team work.
It is the things like Polio Plus, toilets for Pacific Islands, books for schools, exchange students, making masks because there is a need, collecting for community foodbanks and the fellowship with like minded people of service that make me proud to be a Rotarian and keeps me involved. 
Together let us do Rotary.
Office Holders & Responsibilities 2020/21
Our Committee structure will need a bit of tweaking with Bernie leaving us so we have a vacancy for a board member.
What I can confirm though is the following
Club Service                     Malcolm Andrews           Karyn Meade
Foundation                      To be confirmed
Membership                    Denise Garcia                  With Tony Heyward
Youth                                Louise Munro                  Robyn Peterson
Community                      Judith Gray
Vocational                        Pat Waite                         Judith Gray
Public Image                    Ian Munro          (non board director)
Fundraising                      Elizabeth Sutton               Robyn Peterson
Book Fair                          Pat Waite (for project kick off, needs a separate committee)
50th Anniversary              Pat Waite                         Judith Gray
Some directors currently have more than one area of responsibility so it will be necessary for members to get in behind them in the committees to make this work.  I have asked every one where their area of interest or passion is so you should be able to get involved with something that “Spins your Wheels”
Last Weeks Meeting 25 August 2020

Last Weeks Meeting Tuesday 25 August.

This was to be our Quiz Night, now postponed until 6 October COVID 19 permitting
General Notices
I received these two emails late last week
Yesterday Gaylene Lines, Ann Lines and myself delivered face masks we had been making the past few weeks to the Redwood Village.
The response has been overwhelming, and  I have received messages of appreciation from a number of the residents.
We presented the face mask in an envelope with a covering letter from Rotary.
Many wanted to give a donation, but I said this was a community project from Rotary, but if they felt strongly about it, perhaps they could contact either Gaylene or myself as we had included our name and number in the letter.
Many of the residents were not at home, and Ann Lines diligently recorded the unit numbers, and we will deliver there another day.   We also intend to deliver to Lyndhust flats, once we have more masks made.
After some weeks making the masks we have now been out to deliver them(free) to the folk at Redwood Village. 
It created a very good profile for Tawa Rotary doing this on a one-on-one basis.   Everyone appreciated them and we had a large number who wanted to give a donation to our Rotary Club.
Fortunately we had written a letter giving details of Rotary and about the masks so they are able to reply and for those wishing to donate ask how the money can be entered into our account.
We put the masks and the letter into an envelope for presentation.
We intend to go to the Council flats next Friday or further out if we need to make more masks.  The addresses of those who received a presentation pack has been recorded
and ones that were away will be vissted on another day.  
We will be making more masks and perhaps a heads up for those in the Club that would like to make a few as well.   We have people who have indicated to us that they would like to purchase our masks too.   
Dear Rotarians,

It our pleasure to announce to you that the African region has just been certified wild poliovirus-free.

Rotary members have played an invaluable role in the effort to rid the African region of wild polio. We should be proud of all the hard work that we’ve done to eliminate the wild poliovirus throughout Africa and in nearly every country in the world. 

This progress is the result of a decades-long effort across the 47 countries of the African region. It has involved millions of health workers traveling by foot, boat, bike and bus, innovative strategies to vaccinate children amid conflict and insecurity, and a huge disease surveillance network to test cases of paralysis and check sewage for the virus. 

Over the last two decades, countless Rotary members in countries across the African region and around the world have worked together to raise funds, immunize children, advocate with local and national leaders, and raise awareness about the importance of vaccination, enabling the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) to effectively respond to and stop polio outbreaks. 

This milestone is an incredible public health achievement for Rotary members, the African region, and our GPEI partners, and a huge step forward on the road to global polio eradication. But we still have important work to do in order to eradicate wild polio in the last two endemic countries.

We have faced many challenges in our journey to eradicate polio. But we’ve made remarkable progress, and the polio infrastructure that Rotarians helped build will serve as a lasting legacy that will continue to help protect vulnerable children against other diseases for decades to come.

We are calling on you today to recommit yourselves to ending polio. We need each and every one of you to help finish this fight and continue raising $50 million each year for PolioPlus. The eradication of wild polio in the African region shows us that polio eradication is achievable, and shows how our hard work, partnerships and financial commitment continue to propel us forward, even during a global pandemic.

Thank you for your continued efforts, for achieving a wild polio-free African region, and for remaining committed to fulfilling our promise of a polio-free world.

Holger Knaack                                                                                         K.R. Ravindran
President, Rotary International                                                           Chair, The Rotary Foundation
Tuesday 6 October
(Delayed by COVID-19)
The Borough, Tawa   7 pm – 9 pm
Cost:   $12 per person (make up your team of 6-8 people)
Fun evening, great prizes
including $50 voucher from The Borough.
Amazing raffle prizes - $2 a ticket, 3 for $5.
Proceeds to assist community projects in Tawa
Tickets:   Contact Elizabeth  -
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