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Sanitise and Stay Wise
Rotary - Tuesday  16 November 2021 Details

Tuesday 16th is 'Opt In'

On Tuesday we are scheduled to do some work at Longview and have a meal, if you don't tell us you are coming you won't get fed.

Register your attendance or apology with our Apologies Email  <>

Now we have also been asked to bring useful Garden tools, and a Water Blaster, Hedge Trimmer, maybe even a sprayer and some 30Sec to clean up some slippery surfaces.

The cost for Tuesday will be modest and not the usual $25

Remember in the Club Survey we said we wanted to be doing stuff in the Community, lets walk the talk.

Richard Hutchinson

Club Service - Tawa Rotary

President Karyn Notes
Lovely to see some more faces at the meeting on Tuesday with Lady Susan Satyanand, a few partners and Inner Wheel members  boosted the numbers nicely.  Having additional people there really does change the dynamics of the meetings doesn’t it.  Our meetings aren’t exclusively just for our members, so please feel free to invite partners or friends along to any of our meetings or community working events.
Last week I put out the request for every member to respond regarding attendance at upcoming events.  We still require  that as below.  I know this is a different approach, having to actively advise, rather than only advise when we’re not attending, but when we’re out and about in the community, those other organisations require that info for various reasons – catering, health and safety etc, so pls, for each of the events listed below, advise  the contact person of your intentions ASAP if you haven’t already done so, or use the Apologies email address to advise your availability and Richard will pass on as required
Tuesday 16 Nov – 6pm  Longview working bee
  • $10 for BBQ dinner
  • Numbers required ASAP
  • Equipment needed: water blasters, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, gardening equipment.
  • Contact Richard Hutchinson
Sat 20 Nov – Stuff the Trailer
  • 2hour shifts – 8am – 4pm 3-4  people required per shift
  • Countdown and New World
  • Manning the BBQ, loading the trailers etc
  • Contact Richard Herbert
Saturday 20 Nov – Outlet City Raffle Tickets selling
  • 11am – 2pm
  • 2 people, 90 min shift each?
  • Contact Liz Sutton
Tuesday 30 Nov – Wrights Hill with Karori Rotary
  • 5.45 – 8.15 @ Wrights Hill
  • $26 for tour, fish & chips, slice and drinks after
  • Numbers to be confirmed by 20 Nov
  • Contact Richard Herbert
Tuesday 14 Dec – Sprig & Fern Xmas dinner
  • 6-8pm
  • 2x menu options - $39 for 2 courses, $49 for 3 courses.
  • Menu options provided on WhatsApp
  • Menu on the night will be determined by your votes
  • Do you want a $10 secret santa?  y/n – to be determined by your votes
  • Numbers and menu votes to be confirmed by 1 Dec
  • Contact Richard Herbert
Other Business
hopefully everyone is going well with selling their allocated raffle tickets.
Pls return cash and butts to Liz Sutton ASAP, and if you need more tickets to sell, she will happily oblige
Notices and Events
Armistice Day Event - Tawa
Rotary members supporting our oldest member Phil Harland at the small
ceremony held at the WW1 memorial at Grasslees Reserve last Thursday, 11am,
11th of 11th month, to mark the 123rd anniversary of the end of WW1.
Special  Note from Phil Harland 
About the photo of me by the Tawa RSA Remembrance Memorial Plaque and Rock at the end of Oxford Street  taken on 11/11/2021 which as you know is in its’ third and I trust final place in Tawa and after the RSA gave the “Oath”, I explained to those Tawa Rotarians who attended the brief ceremony, the history if the medals that I was wearing for the occasion.
Regarding my medals on the left side these include these include WW2 when, as a Cadet, I went to sea in April 1945 and headed for the naval base in Ceylon now Sri Lanka and was in charge of a 20mm AA Machine Cannon on the Starboard Wing of the Fleet Auxiliary “Bela” part of a fleet building up to invade Penang, Malacca Malaya on 3 November 1945. Fortunately Japan surrendered, but for my service was given the Burma Star and WW2 General Service medal.
Other Medals relate to my service as Third Officer on the RFA “Wave Premier” during the Korean War. This voyage was from 22 February 1951 to 25 June 1952.The ship operated with the UN Fleet in the Yellow Sea off the west coast of Korea and was involved with 69 United Nation naval vessels of six different  nations including NZ Frigates; Hawea, Rotoiti and Taupo.
During my  service in the Korean War my late wife Elaine was living in a flat in St. Albans, England together with our eldest daughter Lynn and near to my parents living in Welwyn Garden City, my birthplace. Together, we decide that it was time for me to leave the sea and seek my fortune in NZ. This resulted in our voyage by P. and O. Liner to Sydney and the “Wanganella” arriving in Wellington on 2 June 1952.
The rest is History
Regards  Philip Harland

Stuff The Trailer Event - Saturday 20th November (8 am - 4 pm)

Our twice yearly project to help top up the Tawa Food Bank is back again for the Christmas season.

Salvation Army are reporting that they have been even busier than usual due to these COVID times with helping out our community in various means with both social and foodbank needs and in dire need of additional supplies.

Volunteers are required to help run a BBQ and logistics at Tawa Countdown, and because of reduced numbers of volunteers available from Inner World and Salvation Army due to COVID and other absences we have also been requested to provide some assistance with the BBQ at Tawa New World. 

So we're looking for 3-4 people at Countdown and 1-2 people at New World over this period 8am - 4pm.

Please let Richard Herbert know of your availability to or text 0274455942


Our District-based team for End Polio Now are working hard to raise funds to continue our effort internationally to stamp out Polio throughout the world.   With only two countries (Afghanistan and Pakistan) with Wild Polio left, and with only one new case reported in 2021, we are very close to striking it out.   And the best news yet is that the new Taliban administration seem to be supporting the programme and vaccinations have resumed in Afghanistan and border crossings with Pakistan.
Our local "Ride The Train for Polio" event has been delayed due to an COVID and the aim is to continue with this event next year on the 27th of February.
Fundraising Update 
Update from Liz:
Ticket sales going well,  and if all 2000 tickets sold we potentially can hand over to the Wellington Childrens Hospital $7500.00
Would be great achievement.
If you want more books, please let me know.   
I plan next weekend to have another session of selling books, either on the Main Road or at Outlet City
Christmas Gift wrapping  Outlet City
Commence first weekend in December  Saturday and Sunday   11am to 2pm, and the week leading up to Christmas,  every day for approximately 4 hours.
I will be organising a roster soon.
We have combined this project with Inner Wheel, to make it feasible. 
It is a gold coin donation for wrapping and all proceeds to Wellington Childrens Hospital
Rotary International is sending its top representatives to the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25 in Glasgow in November 2021.
Having embraced protecting the environment as a priority in 2020, Rotary is instructing its team to offer the worldwide networks and expertise of its members to help avert climate catastrophe.  
“This is a call to action for EVERY ROTARIAN, not just in our Clubs, but in our personal lives and the institutions and businesses we lead, to make the changes urgently needed to turn this crisis around,” says environmental lawyer Karen Kendrick-Hands, ESRAG's representative on the delegation. “That’s why it’s so important that we are there.”
Regional Children’s Hospital
Our Support
Some of you may have seen this article (attached)  in the Herald yesterday regarding The Lion’s donation of $500,000 to the Wellington Hospitals Foundation for the Children’s  Outdoors Playscape.  This will be located outdoors at the new Regional Children’s Hospital beside the main hospital in Newtown, Wellington.
This is an ideal opportunity to thank all the clubs in our district for the amazing effort to raise very close to our target of $400,000 for the 2 Rotary Whanau Family rooms in the hospital.  Our current total is just over $350,000; and I know of approximately $25,000 to come very soon.
imageThe photo to the left shows the very “standout” balconies which form part of the Rotary rooms.  Unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions we cannot go into them to have a look around as yet, however I am advised that the outfitting of these rooms is underway.
The hospital is at the transition stage and some of the staff are learning how to use the new building and the new equipment that will be available to them in preparation for a February 2022 opening.
Our next project with the hospital will be to support them with a significant piece of equipment that they will need.  I have been in discussions with Bill Day (Port Nicholson Club and Chair of the Wellington Hospitals Foundation) about the possibility of Rotary supporting the funding of audio equipment to test hearing loss for children.  This will involve application for a District Global Grant. 
I will keep you informed about this as more information about the need is provided.
In the meantime, I reiterate the Project teams sincere thanks for the efforts across the whole of the district to support this project and l look forward to being able to advise in the very near future that we have achieved our goal.
If you are looking for ways to help achieve the last bit needed for this project, don’t forget about the alcohol wipes fundraising project being run out of Whanganui. To make this as easy as possible for clubs, and to eliminate any financial risk to them, the deal is:
1. There is no up-front cost.
2. Whanganui clubs will deliver the cartons of wipes to participating clubs, as long as they get bulk orders. We suggest this is arranged through the 13 networks and the AGs..
3. The recommended sale prices are: $2 per packet; 3 packets for $5; $25 per carton of 24 packets.
4. We expect $25 per carton of wipes SOLD to be donated to the Children’s Health Trust.
5. Clubs may use this as a fundraiser i.e. pay $25 per carton and on-sell at $2 per packet, thereby making $23 per carton. In Whanganui some schools are using this as a fundraiser for fundraising for student activities.
We would hope, though, that they would return all of the proceeds to the Children's Health Trust.
6. Whanganui has a Trust Account which they are utilising to receive all funds raised by this initiative. We suggest using one account so we can keep track of funds raised from this initiative.
As long as clubs identify themselves when they deposit to this account, we can acknowledge their contributions.
The account is:
Wanganui North Rotary Club.
03 0791 0730308 00
I have been told that motels, B&B’s small business and individuals are buying these.  I have just sold 16 cartons to trades people (builders and plasterer’s) who see them as an easy way to clean down benches and other surfaces after they have finished renovations.
 Bob Smith is the contact person for these  (
On behalf of the project team and the district in general  -  thank you
Adrienne Murray
Chair Rotary Children's Health Trust
New Rotary Year 2021/22 
2021/22 Tawa Rotary Board / Leadership Team
  • Karyn Meade – President
  • Joe Asghar - President Elect 2022/3 
  • Richard Hutchinson – Immediate Past President
  • Paul Drummond – Secretary
  • John Melville – Treasurer
  • Richard Herbert – Communication Liaison
  • Judith Gray – Community
  • Richard Herbert – Foundation
  • Club Services - Richard Hutchinson 
  • Pat Waite / Denise Garcia – Projects
  • Liz Sutton – Fundraising
  • Non-Board Roles:
  • Bulletin – Tony Heyward
  • Website – Laura Sommer
  • Facebook – Kevin Walker

Read this: Action Plan

Action Plan
As People of Action, we understand that fulfilling that vision requires a plan.
More than a century ago, we pioneered a new model of service leadership grounded in person-to-person connections. Today, those connections are a network that spans the globe—bridging cultural, linguistic, generational, and geographic barriers—and shares the vision of a better world. As People of Action, we understand that fulfilling that vision requires a plan.
or click here 
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