May 05, 2020
Topic 'New regulations around Family Trusts, coming in 2021'
May 12, 2020
Topic: That New Zealand will be a better place because of Covid-19
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Rotary Board Meeting by ZOOM
May 19, 2020
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
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New World Tawa

Our thanks to New World Tawa for their sponsor of our weekly raffle and support of Rotary fundraising projects.
Weekly Rosters and Duties
Next Zoom Meeting - Tuesday 05 May 6:00pm
Starting / Parting thought - Russell Smith
Introduce / Thank Guest Speaker - Malcolm Sparrow
        Sergeant/Quiz Master  - TBC
Tuesday 12 May 6:00pm
The topic will be:
    That New Zealand will be a better place because of Covid-19
The Affirmative team is: Louise Munro (Leader)
John Melville, Mark Carroll.
The Negative team is: Tony Heyward (Leader)
Brian Frampton, Karyn Mead.
Adjudicator - Peter Lockery 
Presidents Piece - 03 May 2020
from President Judith
To be agile – able to move your body and/or mind easily.
Many (many) years ago when I played netball I recall a coach telling me the most important part of playing the game was to be agile. She wasn’t referring just to the physical ability of moving around the court and the other players but the agility of the mind. To see where the ball was, where the other players were and what was going to happen next. That would then dictate where to move your body. Todays much faster game embodies that ability so much and I always think back to that advice.
We have used that word ‘Agile’ many times in business recently. With the changes the world has faced and is going to continue to face, the ability of businesses to be agile, to move with and encompass the changes will be what helps them to survive. See examples recently of businesses producing alcohol turning to make hand sanitiser, uniform makers running up and selling face masks, companies 3D printing perspex masks. In our own business, having our delivery model (The Bakery Basket), in the wings and being able to switch that into full production may be what ultimately saves us. Yet to be seen.

Organisations, such as Rotary, need to remain agile also. Who would have thought 6 months ago that our meetings worldwide would become entirely electronic? But for those of us who have embraced that model it has been what will ultimately save clubs such as ours. And it may pay us to consider a partial continuation of that for the future. While social interaction in person is most definitely part of Rotary’s ethos, we and many other clubs have proved that the ‘business’ can be done online. E-clubs have been doing this for some time – now the rest of us are catching up. We can’t clear overgrown bush, plant trees or deliver needed items to households online but we can do the research, the planning and some of the action all online. Hey – we can sell books online!
The other thing we have proved lately is that we can have enjoyable social interaction online. And that proves our ability to be agile. Keeping the club and most of the things we hold as important parts of being an active Rotarian are there. We just need to embrace them in a new and agile way.

I look forward to seeing you all online at 6.00pm Tuesday night. 
Have a good week.

This week Gaylene Lines reflects ...
ANZAC Day Reflections
from Gaylene Lines 
How, in our modern world would we have believed that COVID-19 would have taken away our ANZAC Memorial services around the world in 2020.
While standing on my own outside my letterbox at 5.45am with an old small transistor radio beside my ear to listen to the short service my thoughts went back to July 1944 when my grandparents and my mother were handed, what I suppose, was that dreaded telegram. 
On opening it stated:  “I am sorry to inform you that your son Sub Lieutenant Godfrey Hudson Parker has been reported missing in action”. Of course the next letter was confirmation from the New Zealand High Commission based in London that stated his plane was seen going down in the Irish Sea…location given….There was one vessel close by that sailed to his rescue however not even an oil slick was located.  
Godfrey boarded the R.M.S. Rimutaka at the Port of Wellington bound for the UK on 30 August 1941.   At every opportunity he had there was a letter sent home.  He had been sent on many Reconnascence  flights to the likes of Canada, etc.  I still have every one of the letters he sent back home.   Godfrey worked for the NZ Railways in Wellington as a Clerk before joining the FAA. Mum and I returned to Henstridge and to the Yeoville Fleet Air Arm Museum to see where they were based in 1999.  I again last year.
GH Parker (Sub Lieutenant), Henstridge,  718 Sqn RNZNVR; believed EF, killed 5 July 1944 aged 23. – Supermarine Seafire Pilot.  Attached to the HMS Dipper.
What did I miss the most this year…….The RNZAF flyover.
Office Holders & Responsibilities 2019/20
Club Meeting 05 May 2020

Our club meeting will be via Zoom at 6.00pm on Tuesday 05 May

Guest speaker for Tuesday 5th May, is Wendy Lindsay, Partner at Hayman Lawyers, Wellington.
Wendy practices mainly in the areas of property, small business, wills, estates and trusts, and her topic is 'New regulations around Family Trusts, coming in 2021'

You just need to go onto your computer, ipad, tablet or smartphone, click on the link and you should be taken to the meeting automatically. It helps to have your microphone and camera activated.

 Be in front of your computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone, click the link below.

Join the Zoom Meeting:
Zoom Meeting Tuesday 5th May 6.00pm
A link to the meeting is coming to all members today.
Please be aware that Zoom have changed the rules slightly and you will need to enter a password/code to log in.
The code is   456530    - the link will prompt you to enter it.







Last Weeks Meeting 27 April 2020
A review from last weeks meeting, thanks Pat.
Our guest speaker came with impeccable credentials being a lawyer by profession whose current business roles include being a panel member of the Human Rights Review Tribunal, a Director of ASH and the chair of the board of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand. In recent times she has completed an independent review of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme and is now underway with a review of the NZ Bar Association. In her professional consulting practice she  has a wide experience helping organisations at times of crisis to plan strategically. Quite appropriate in today’s challenging environment – isn’t it?  She suggested a theme  Disruption – Opportunity - Innovation
Albert Einstein once said: In the midst of crisis lies opportunities”. In this vein Deborah outlined nine steps she would suggest that should be examined in order to best respond to a crisis.
1. At times of stress we have a choice to make – fight or flight. Take time to calmly think through the options.
2. Seek help – start with your team first. Bring in specialist expertise if needed.
3. People – prioritise keeping in touch with your clients, staff and key stakeholders.
4. Re-assess your existing plans - re–jig them to meet the new conditions.
5. Do what is possible first - re–imagine your organisation
6. Take control of what you can control – try a few things
7. Information is key – we will have less information that we are used to so our decisions will be based on what we have done in the past. Keep searching for new data.
8. What roles need to be done - what are the skills required?
9. Be nimble – keep reviewing your strategy. What will the future look like. Recognise that change in confronting.
A very thought provoking address.
A late entry has been received for the Vegetable Sculpturing Contest, Russell Smith has managed to squash his entry into this week's bulletin.
Rotary in Action 
Rotarian's in Action

Robyn Peterson, ably lead a group of Tawa Rotarians (Gaylene Lines, Elizabeth Sutton & John Melville) to do a garden in Tawa.
  Recipient had been in hospital for 6 months, and came home this week. Nice to have something worthwhile to do.
Please note we socially distanced ourselves around the garden and only came together for the photo, still 2 metres apart.
General Notices
Have you thought of upskilling or increasing your knowledge of Rotary during this lockdown?
Have a look at this link, log-in and have a browse. There will be on-line course for everybody.
The Kiwi Community Assistance organisation is in desperate need of the following: Pasta, Tinned Fruit and Feminine Hygiene Products.
As the Rotary Club of Tawa, I am hoping we can manage to put together a food drive for all or some of these items in the next week or two. If you or someone else is doing a supermarket shop and could add some of these to the trolley we will arrange a central drop off point for them to be left.
From there arrangements can be made to get them to KCA.
Some of you may remember Tracy Wellington who came to the club and spoke to us a couple of years ago.
KCA supplies many of the agencies who supply food to needy people in the community.
Tawa Rotary could certainly help them at this time with items as suggested above and/or donations of money.
Please bring suggestions of how we could manage this to the club meeting tomorrow evening.
Fund Raising Committee - Update
We need to continue our fundraising activities, even through this Covid- 19 environment.
   The fundraising committee (Karyn Mead, Gaylene Lines, Robyn Peterson and Elizabeth Sutton) had a discussion last Wednesday evening to work on this.
As you were aware we had a few fundraising activities arranged, obviously these events are on hold. However it is essential for Tawa Rotary to get some income in during this pandemic set back, and to be seen to be out in the community assisting.
The idea will be to continue to attend meetings knowing that the charge for the evening is to be used for charitable purposes, rather than to provide you with a meal.
  The fundraising committee have arranged events for those meetings to provide a bit of light relief.
On 12 May we are holding a debate, looks like being a lot of fun.
  Obviously will be a zoom meeting debate.  For that meeting, we are asking each Rotarian to pay $20 (to be used for charitable purposes).
  Payment will also provide you with 2 raffle tickets for the meat raffle which will be socially distanced delivered to the winner.
Thank you for your support.
Take care everyone, keep safe and well, and remember if you need any assistance you only need to contact President Judith or any of the Board Members.

Presidential Message May 2020

Mark Maloney  -  President 2019-20

May 2020

Increasing our ability to adapt: That is one goal of our new Rotary Action Plan. And wow, have we seen that ability put to the test this year.

In March, Gay and I were to visit Zimbabwe, Turkey, and eight other countries over the course of 30 days. After participating in a medical mission in Zimbabwe and Commonwealth Week activities in London, on the 11th day, we were packing our suitcases for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

While attending a dinner at the High Commission for Pakistan in London, we received word that it would be impossible to travel everywhere on our itinerary. So, instead of flying to Zurich, we returned to Evanston and One Rotary Center.

Throughout early March, the news about COVID-19 became increasingly serious throughout the world. Following the advice of local officials, we canceled UN presidential conferences in Paris and Rome. Soon, the World Health Organization declared the virus a global pandemic, and we consulted with authorities on more critical decisions. We asked all Rotary districts and clubs to curb face-to-face meetings until further notice and to hold virtual meetings instead. To the districts and clubs that have adapted so quickly, thank you.

The Rotary Board of Directors held its first-ever virtual meeting to make the most difficult decision of all, to cancel the 2020 Rotary International Convention. Like the more than 20,000 registrants who planned to attend, I am disappointed. We acted to protect the health and safety of convention attendees and their families, friends, and colleagues, as well as those who call Honolulu home, and I am confident we made the right decision.

I want to thank the 2020 Honolulu Convention Committee, the Host Organization Committee, the 2020 Honolulu Convention Promotion Committee, and Rotary staff for planning what would have been one of the best Rotary conventions yet. I appreciate their hard work.

This issue of The Rotarian was going to press as the decision about canceling the convention was made, and many other decisions across the Rotary world were still up in the air. Future issues of The Rotarian and of Rotary's regional magazines, along with Rotary's social media channels, will keep you informed.

We began this Rotary year promoting the importance of the new Action Plan for all Rotarians and Rotaractors. Today, we are putting that plan into action out of necessity. That includes the possibility of a convention-like experience with you through a virtual event. We will have more to say about this in the near future.

The world is changing rapidly, and so must Rotary. Our adaptability and strength will help us navigate this experience. The world needs our leadership today more than ever. Truly, Rotary Connects the World.


Club Information
The Rotary Club of Tawa has been helping local and overseas communities since 1969.
We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Tawa Bowling Club
Grasslees Reserve
Davies Street
New Zealand
0274 406 098
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