Notice of Meeting September 29
Tonight is a Working Bee at our Book Fair
Cost for Tuesday $15. Options Fish & Chips or Pizza
Weekly Rosters and Duties
Please register guest attendance and apologies for non-attendance by 8pm on Sunday evening  to:,
or you can TXT before midday Monday please text to Malcolm Andrews 027 472 9837
Do you have job? Please check if you're on duty (list below) and arrange a substitute if you're unable to attend.
Any queries about meetings and duty rosters, please contact Malcolm Andrews 027 472 9837 or email:

So what do I do when I have club duty? 
This reminder will help:

Set-up: Try to be there at 5.30 and help get the room ready for meeting 
Greeters: Please arrive by 5.30 to meet and greet members and visitors. Fill in Visitors badges and direct them to a member to host them if possible. Sell raffle tickets.
Starting & Parting Thought: Be ready to go at 6.10
3 Minute Talk: Prepare something of interest, or entertaining. Or both.
Introduction & Thanks: Do some research prior to the evening. Be there by 5.45 if possible to greet guest speaker. You are their host for the evening. Perhaps offer to buy them a drink. Introduce them to members. Host them at dinner. 
Sergeant: Prepare a session that will extract money from members through fines or other means.
Presidents Piece - 29 September
From President Richard
Presidents Piece 29 September
Thanks to all of you who were part of last week’s visit by our District Governor Gillian Jones, I think the visit went well and provided a positive impression of where we are at and where we are heading.  I did note her comments about how COVID has given us opportunities to do things differently.  Build the future you want.
This week we will be setting up our Book Fair.  Over the years this has been a good earner of club funds, and a little like the biblical story of the loaves and fishes at the end of each fair we seem to have more books at the end than we started with.  It will be interesting to see how it goes this year, our venue is smaller, and we have fewer books to start out as there was a big cull last year.  I understand there have been quite a few offers of more books so I believe over the three weeks we should be able to turn over quite a significant number of books.
Unpacking boxes of books, meeh, some fun and banter doing it yeah right, some healthy fish and chips or pizza, better still, come on.
Let us do Rotary together.
Office Holders & Responsibilities 2020/21
Club Service                    Malcolm Andrews           Karyn Meade
Foundation                      Lynda Shepherd               Richard Herbert           
Membership                    Denise Garcia                  With Tony Heyward
Youth                              Louise Munro                  Robyn Peterson
Community                     Judith Gray
Vocational                        Pat Waite                         Judith Gray
Public Image                    Ian Munro          (non board director)
Fundraising                      Elizabeth Sutton               Robyn Peterson
Book Fair                          Pat Waite (for project kick off, needs a separate committee)
50th Anniversary              Pat Waite                         Judith Gray
Some directors currently have more than one area of responsibility so it will be necessary for members to get in behind them in the committees to make this work.  I have asked every one where their area of interest or passion is so you should be able to get involved with something that “Spins your Wheels”
Last Weeks Meeting 22 September 2020
Our meeting last week was District Governor Gillian’s visit to our club, I see by Facebook there were a couple of other club visits that book ended ours.  The level of dedication to do Rotary 3 or 4 nights a week for weeks on end outstanding. I thought the meeting went well and the DG Gillian could see that we had plans and that now the COVID situation had changed we were starting to work on them.
There is much that could be done, but it is also better to do less and do it well than spread ourselves too thinly.
Good to see PP Denise pickup a couple of district awards for her year, well done and that is a thank you to all, a President can’t do much by themselves, we are a team.
General Notices
Tuesday 6 October
(Delayed by COVID-19)
The Borough, Tawa   7 pm – 9 pm
Cost:   $12 per person (make up your team of 6-8 people)
Fun evening, great prizes
including $50 voucher from The Borough.
Amazing raffle prizes - $2 a ticket, 3 for $5.
Proceeds to assist community projects in Tawa
Tickets:   Contact Elizabeth  -
Club Information
The Rotary Club of Tawa has been helping local and overseas communities since 1969.
Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Tawa Bowling Club
Grasslees Reserve
Davies Street
New Zealand
0274 998 885
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Sep 29, 2020
Getting Ready for Opening Day
Oct 06, 2020 6:00 PM
Our Tawa Rotary Quiz at the Borough
Oct 13, 2020
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Meeting Duty Roster
29 September 2020
Set Up
Searle, Karen
Set Up
Andrews, Malcolm
Greeter & Raffle
Pettigrew, Steve
6 October 2020
Set Up
Searle, Karen
Set Up
Andrews, Malcolm
Greeter and Raffle
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