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Nick Hurley, 29 May 2018At our meeting on 29 May 2018 as speakers we had the pleasure of two notable Rotarians, Nick and Christine Hurley - both members of the Rotary Club of Wellington who brought with them a wealth of knowledge about Rotary activity in the Pacific. Their background experience in the NZ Public and Diplomatic service provided a base for their Rotary achievements.

Nick spoke about his activity as a Rotarian as a diplomat in the Pacific and in retirement since 2014, Nick has continued to be involved with Rotary projects in the Pacific and is Chairman of a Rotary District Committee concerned with the Pacific. Clubs are helped to identify where assistance is needed such as in water supply, education and health an example was the provision of a mobile health clinic.

Nick described how MFAT cooperated with Rotary such as for the distribution of emergency kits following Pacific Island disaster, also the distribution of books. Clubs can assist by raising funds $600 for the emergency kits.

Christine Hurley, 29 May 2018Christine was also involved in overseas diplomatic postings initially including Tehran, Geneva and Brussels and later with Nick in Samoa and Rarotonga.  Christine spoke to us about her work on the steering group of the Australasian Centenary Immunisation Program, 2018-2021. This project is to recognise 100 years of Rotary in Australasia and in cooperation with UNICEF is aiming to reach 100,000 disadvantaged babies and children during the next four years. The vaccinations are intended to prevent diseases including cervical cancer, severe diarrhoea, blood infections and meningitis. For donations and information about this project visit;   

Christine passed out an information sheet about the immunisation project but this also includes an invitation for all Rotary clubs in Oceania to commemorate 100 years of Rotary in Australasia by providing stories about our Clubs.  We are invited to contact email;  


Phil Harland 31 May 2018


An international perspective with Nick and Christine Hurley

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