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Shelterbox Syria, Jan 16Encouraging news has been received on 7 Jan 2016 that a Shelterbox donated by Tawa Rotary has made it to Syria. Donors are able to track their boxes on the Shelterbox website.  (Photo courtesy of Shelterbox)

“It is now almost five years since civil war in Syria sparked the world's greatest humanitarian crisis. Teams from UK based ShelterBox have worked tirelessly to get aid to thousands of refugees and internally displaced families. With a long term presence in four countries, now the charity is focusing on two fronts - in neighbouring Lebanon, and via a route into Syria itself.

'The Syrian crisis is complex and bloody with no end in sight. But ShelterBox is able to make a real difference on the ground. We have developed strong partnerships with those able to operate on our behalf in the country, and through careful distribution management and the increasing use of technology, we are able to effectively identify and reach the most desperate.'

ShelterBox is currently working in or through four different countries, assisting some of the 2.5 million Syrian refugees who have fled the country, or channeling aid to 6.5 million internally displaced people (IDPs) left inside Syria.

They are working with trusted and proven local and international partners to distribute aid inside Syria itself.

It is a privilege to be able to reach out to vulnerable families to help them start rebuilding their lives. This simply would not be possible without the support Rotary club members have given us.

Best wishes, thank you and warm regards,

Kay Joyce,

ShelterBox NZ Secretary”

Shelterbox for Syria

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