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  • Rotary Youth Exchange
  • Upcoming events and note for your diaries
  • Summary - He Huarahi Tamariki, school for teenage parents
  • Tawa Rotary Book Fair - help needed
  • Foster Hope update - beanies
  • Entertainment Books - fundraiser
  • District - National Membership Seminar
  • Duties

Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange students with DG Mitch BrownGaylene will be introducing our guest speaker, Rotary Exchange student, Amandine Viene who comes from Brive, Venere, France. Amandine is hosted by Plimmerton Rotary. 

The Rotary Youth Exchange programme is a study-abroad opportunity for young people aged between 15-19 who spend anywhere from a few weeks to a full year as an international student hosted by local Rotary clubs. The photo shows this year's incoming Rotary Exchange students for District 9940 at their induction with DG Mitchell Brown. 

Upcoming Events with Tawa Rotary

Date (2017)



22 August

Rotary Youth Exchange

Gaylene Lines
28 August

Cameron Hogg, New World Tawa

7/8 Oct and 14/15 October

Tawa Rotary Book Fair

Doug Burrus
7 October

Stroke Awareness Campaign

Bill Sommer

For your diaries:

  • 26 August, 10.00 AM - midday, Book Fair - Tawa Rotarians set up trestles 
  • 27 August, 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM, Rotary District Workshops - Club Development  at Tawa College. Aimed at all Rotarians to think about options for how their club might engage members to make a greater difference in their community.
  • 7 / 8 Oct, and 14/15 October (weekends) - Tawa Rotary monster book fair.
  • 7 October - Stroke Awareness Campaign, at Tawa New World
  • 28 October, Spring into Tawa; and National Membership Seminar in Christchurch

He Huarahi Tamariki - school for teenage parents

He Huarahi Tamaraki 20 Aug 17Guest speaker, Helen Webber visited Tawa Rotary on Tuesday 15 August to talk about He Huarahi Tamariki - this school for teenage parents was established in 1995 in Linden. It provides a second chance education for students unable to complete their formal education through pregnancy or the birth of a child. 


Tawa Rotary Book Fair

Help needed Saturday 26 August, 10am-midday:

The current plan is that the Plimmerton Rotary trestles will be delivered to Tawa New World on Saturday morning 26th August after 10am -so we will need some people between 10am to midday to help with this unload and set-out the tressels in the shop.

We want to get these trestles and trays laid out before the books arrive and sort out where all the books are to be placed. These jobs can be done by a relatively small team so we don’t get in each other’s way.

The Dept of Corrections Community Service team will commence moving books back to New World on Saturday afternoon 26th August.

Doug Burrus has been asked to run the project and he so far has Ken Woodgate, Gaylene Lines, Andrew Watson, Robert Tredger, Pat Waite and Richard Herbert as mid-week volunteers to set up the book fair. Any others wishing to volunteer will be welcome, so please let Doug know if you can be available from time to time.

Once the trestles and trays and subject signage is in place, we will obviously need more helpers for sorting and placing the books. Richard would again like the fiction to be laid out by author name – a lot more work than random distribution. We can do much of this during the weekends.

Meantime, we can do a bit for the environment by saving supermarket bags to use for the book fair and reduce our dependence on new bags.

The Tawa Rotary Book Fair is a major Rotary fundraiser for charity. The Tawa Book Fair dates are now set for 7/8 and 14/15 October and we'll start ramping up advertising for donations in the coming week.

Beanies and more beanies! 

Beanies for Foster Hope NZElizabeth Sutton advises that over 100 beanies have been donated to Foster Hope NZ. She has some great stories of benefits that extend beyond the recipients of the donations. Thankyou to Tawa Rotary Club Members and Tawa Inner Wheel.

More beanies are needed! A further appeal for more beanies has been shared via Facebook, local news and our website.


Entertainment Books – fundraiser

Tawa Rotary is raising funds for charity through selling Entertainment Books. Please share with your family, friends, colleagues, to support this fundraiser. See: Entertainment_book.  Andrew Watson

District news

National Membership Seminar, Oct 2017

Rotarians are encouraged to register for this National Membership Seminar - cheap flights are noted in the latest D9940 special edition. 

All those wanting to strengthen and grow their clubs, this seminar is a must. 


For the 2017 Longview Roster, see more.

  • Introducer: the rostered member introducing the speaker is asked to email a brief written summary of the talk by Friday that week.  Email to Laura Sommer
  • Please arrange a substitute if unable to attend or you have to leave early. 
  •  Important for catering: please register guest attendance and apologies for non-attendance on Monday before midday  to:

Duties - 2017 Tuesday 22 August Tuesday 29 August Tuesday 5 September
SPEAKER Rotary Exchange Student Plimmerton Cameron Hogg, New World Tawa Tawa College IYE
Attendance:  Ken Woodgate Paul Drummond Steve Pettigrew
Greetings: Judith Havill Pat Waite Chris Black
Setting Up: Karen Searle/Euan Patchett Karen Searle/Tom Humphries Karen Searle/Ken Woodgate
Clearing Up: All Members All Members All Members
Photographer: Richard Hutchinson Laura Sommer Peter Lockery
Grace & Parting Thought: Elizabeth Sutton Paul Mears Michael Kelly
Speaker Introduction*: Gaylene Lines Andrew Watson Mark Carroll
Speaker Thanks: Don Shanks Peter Lockery Malcolm Sparrow
3 [Three] minute talk Don Rushworth Tom Humphries Ross Denton
Raffle: Laura Sommer Ian Munro Judith Gray
Sergeant: Malcolm Andrews Don Rushworth Bruce Phillips
Long View Roster:      


Rotary Making a Difference 2017-18 Theme

 For print copy of duties, select the following"

Duties_as_at_20_Aug_2017 [size 283Kb]


  For earlier bulletin notices of our meetings, refer to Club Meeting Reports.

 “Whether we’re building a new playground or a new school, improving medical care or sanitation, training conflict mediators or midwives, we know that the work we do will change people’s lives — in ways large and small — for the better.” Ian Riseley, Rotary International President 2017-18.

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