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Toot4Tucker – Tawa Foodbank Appeal



Thank you Tawa! - it's been fantastic to see how well the community has done in contributing to this worthy cause. Results to date:

Year      Items      Cash       # Collection nights
2011 2200 $1140 Two
2012 3580 $1260 Four
2013 3188 $670 Two
2014 4515 $870 Two
2015 5731 $535 Two
2016 3289 $784 Two
2017 5688 $824 Two
2018 4490 $1195 Two


The food items go directly into the Tawa foodbank (which all local churches have access to) and the cash donations deposited into an account at Tawa New World to be available for the foodbank to restock when necessary.  So the benefits of the Toot4Tucker continue beyond well beyond Christmas. 

A testimonial from 2016:

"I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the support Tawa Rotary Club given to us as administrators of Tawa Community Foodbank,  The arrangement with New World having the Toot4Tucker donations deposited for our use has worked superbly and we are now having the joy of giving to needy families in our community.  

We have been able to be generous with the goods making up the Christmas hampers which means that the people assisted will enjoy their Christmas day.  We could not do this without community support, and the assistance of the groups who participated in the collection.

Please pass on my appreciation to all the Rotarians.  

Have a wonderful Christmas and safe & refreshing holiday season.


Heather Rodwell, Major l Corps Officer - TAWA CORPS"

How did Toot4Tucker start?

Inspired by appeals for assistance to help restock the local foodbank, in December 2011 Tawa Rotary started Toot4Tucker – a street collection of non-perishable food items and cash donations for Tawa foodbank just prior to Christmas. 

This is a community venture organised and led by Tawa Rotary with other Toot4Tucker collection partnersorganisations invited to participate – the Salvation Army, Tawa Volunteer Fire Service and the Tawa Lions in the first year.  In 2012, the local cubs group, their parents, and the Salvation Army youth group also joined us - subsequently this working together with service organisations, local business, family and friends has been an important feature of this annual community venture.

Toot4Tucker 2014 street appealWe divide Tawa into areas, with collection teams operating in each area.  Each team ideally has a fire truck (sirens and lights to attract attention), a couple of cars with trailers (to transport collectors and donated food) and a truck/van to carry most of the food.  Collectors wearing high-viz vests walk on the footpaths with buckets for cash donations, and we make lots of noise to attract further attention - blowing horns and whistles.   With the fire trucks driving up front sounding their sirens, collectors are dropped off at the top of the hills and keeping together as teams, we slowly walk down, collecting the donations. 

Collecting TuckerWe run this project in early December as our local community can see that they can make a real difference by donating to the foodbank in the weeks leading up to Christmas – a time when the pressure on some families can become immense.

Following 2011, we suggested that our Rotary clubs in our district may want to consider leading Toot4Tucker in their communities prior to Christmas.  Plimmerton Rotary picked up this opportunity in 2012; Johnsonville Rotary has observed Tawa Rotary’s collection, and then operated their Toot4Tucker collection from 2013; and Porirua Rotary  initiated Toot4Tucker in 2015.

Toot4Tucker - Tawa Foodbank Appeal

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